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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Just a quick note to tell you we're doing well. Here's the rundown:

*After spending just 4 days in the wide open spaces of Granna & Papa's house, Elizabeth is a mobile child! In honor of Independence Day, Elizabeth started to crawl....I mean, really crawl...check out this video. She's also pulling up on everything and generally acting like a toddler, which is warming my heart and delighting anyone who happens to be in the room.

*We've found out that sometime in December Elizabeth will get to share her room with a....little sister! That's right, Baby Harms Deux is a girl and we're thrilled. Because of Elizabeth's condition, I've been more closely monitored this time around, and the good news is, on our most recent level 2 ultrasound & fetal echocardiogram, BGH2 looks great! We're not seeing any of the problem signs that were present on Elizabeth's ultrasounds, so we're thanking God for that. Unfortunately, they've discovered a few problems with me this time around, the most notable of which is, placenta previa...a condition which means the placenta is covering the cervix, and if it doesn't resolve by itself (which it can) will require a scheduled c-section for delivery. While I'm disappointed to be looking ahead at another "high risk pregnancy", Matt and I are already experiencing God's peace. Would you join us in praying that God would heal anything that's out of line in my body and protect our new baby girl?

For the moment, this diagnosis means I need to "take it easy" in order to avoid being put on bed rest. In an interesting twist, it appears that my sacral-iliac strain from earlier this spring, while frustrating and painful at the time, may have been just the thing that kept me from overdoing things during a critical part of my pregnancy. God works in mysterious ways.

*Finally, we head out to Saint Louis on July 10th, and will finally join Matt who's been spending every spare minute moving us into our home. Praise God for Matt's INCREDIBLE parents who have literally made this move happen for us. We can't wait to see our new home but in the mean time, Elizabeth and I are savoring our last few days with family.

Thanks for your prayers for our journey. We'll let you know when we're safely in Missouri.

Here's Elizabeth enjoying a popsicle...she didn't really eat it, but she did enjoy a lick or two.

The Harms Girls enjoying the pool!

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jen said...

sara -

we are so sorry to have missed your farewell party!! please know we love you all, and are praying for your move, and your two girls, and you! :) have a wonderful season in St. Louis!

love joe and jen