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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fun, Fun and more Fun...

  So Elizabeth LOVES the Hokey Pokey. It helps that she has an Elmo doll that sings and does the dance, so she's learned how to put her "right foot in" and "shake it all about"'s the cutest thing. Here, she's doing it with daddy.

  Today at Costco we tried a sample of chicken nuggets...she LOVED it! So I bought them (of course) and here she is trying them at home. By trying, I mean, she chewed off a piece, sucked all the salt and flavor out, and then spit it into my hand. Hey, in the world of feeding therapy, that's HUGE progress.

  Elizabeth LOVES the swing. She says "whee!" over and over to tell you she wants to go on the swing. We finally hung one from our back porch (now that we have one) and she's in pure heaven.


I can't say that I blame her. Now if we could only find a way for us to recreate this indoors...where the air conditioning is!
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Thanks Daddy!


svea said...

Ok she is making me cry she is so cute. the glee on her face is irreplaceable. so happy fo ryour little heavenly home there hugs- auntie svea

Cheryl said...

Darling!!! Love the swing piccy especially...
hugs, Cheryl :)

RenderingRisch said...

Titus loves the hokey pokey. I found it to be helpful in changing his clothes. such a cute picture!

bek said...

hello my dear friend, i finally had the time to check out your blog, you've done a great job! so much stuff happening i'll have to give you a call to update on to you all...bek

Corrie said...

Hello Harms,

You have been on my mind lately. Such cute photos. Hope all is going well for you as you settle in. We continue praying for all of you.