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Monday, July 23, 2012

Missing Ava Today

Two years ago we were delighted to meet Sarah from Freshblend Media, when she took our family pictures. When they heard about Ava's diagnosis, Sarah & Joe gifted us with a family photo shoot and came back out to capture more pictures with grandparents and then at her first birthday party. We are grateful beyond words. Two months have gone by so quickly, an yet it seems like so long ago that our life changed with Ava's death. We continue to cherish all the pictures and home videos we have of our little Bean and frequently stop what we're doing to savor the morsels we have of her life with us. Each one makes her real to us again.

her sweet curls
 her chubby little feet
 her snuggles
and those sweet kissable cheeks

Sarah graciously created this slideshow for Ava's memorial service and we watch it many times a week.

We miss you terribly Ava Bean.

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