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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Grandma Harms arrived to spend a few days with us this week. We are delighted to have her and soaking up every minute. It's good medicine for all of us.

Ps- Today is her 60th Birthday! We couldn't be more honored to celebrate with her in person. Grandma, we love you!!


cw said...

Follow your story constantly. Beth is upset with me because I have never commented. Hope you can feel the love coming from the Weesners. I share your story and marvel at your incredible strength constantly.
Much love to you and your precious family. . . Matt's mom is such a beauty!

Sara said...

Carol! Thank you for coming out of the shadows! :) I'm so glad to hear from you and grateful you're following our journey. Yes, I feel the love. Please hug Beth for me the next time you see her. Love back to you from St. Louis.