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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Day for a Big Girl!

Today Elizabeth began growth hormone therapy. Six days a week for the next number of years (unless we choose to stop for health reasons) she'll get a shot once a day to help her grow. I was concerned that she might stress about it since she has been through so much hospital stuff, but she was a total rockstar! We read a book about a little girl with Turner Syndrome who gets growth hormone shots (Thanks Coley for sharing your story!) and then a visiting nurse trained me to mix up the medicine and give her the shots. Near the end of that session, Elizabeth said, "I want a shot like Coley!" So we let her choose a special stool, and pick which leg to get "stuck" in and then I gave her the shot, we counted to five and took out the needle! She looked up with a grin on her face and said, "That didn't hurt!"
Thank you Jesus.

And thank you Jesus for our sweet girl. I learn so much from being her mommy.

This picture was taken on Monday at her ENT apt. I have to take her in every week or two to get her ears cleaned out with a special tool....despite the smile you see here, it's NOT fun for her. But as usual she's a champ. I also had both Hannah and Ruby with us at this appointment, all squeezed in this tiny little room. Her Dr. had to lay her down and use this huge microscope to help them see into her ear, and she needed to be held down so they didn't puncture her eardrum while cleaning it. Poor thing! Unfortunately, Hannah started wailing and wanting to eat at the same time and I asked Ruby to pat her and instead she started giving her the bottle I had resting in the stroller! She said she was being a "good big sister". I couldn't agree more. Would it be wrong to ask her to take over the night time feedings??

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Elissa said...

Oh, sweet Elizabeth! We are ALL learning so much from your little rockstar.

I would totally move Hannah's crib into Ruby's room :)