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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aunties, Uncles & Cousins, OH MY!

We had a wonderful time during a week long visit from my sister and her family. Elizabeth & Ruby loved playing with "the cousins" every day all day and miraculously we all slept well, stayed relatively healthy and even managed to make it out of the house a few times! Some of the highlights were:

~Visiting the St. Louis Zoo and enjoying and ice cream treat
~Feeding the Coi fish at the Botanical Gardens
~A birthday party for the Braun cousins at the Cupcakery
~Long walks, playing in the park and lots and lots of reading, dancing, playing dress up and
~our niece Eiley asking her mom if she could have surgery...(apparently Elizabeth's scars were pretty impressive)...and then after hearing what surgery actually involved...saying, "Mom, We need to pray for Elizabeth more!"
~A wonderful date night...adults only, thanks to our sweet babysitter.
~The fact that after 8 days, we were all sad to say goodbye...the visit was perfect from one end to the other.

Svea & David's Visit

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