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Friday, February 5, 2010

A Little Sunshine

What's better than a glass of OJ? A dose of my girls in the morning! They've been playing "summer" lately...stripping down and "swimming" in the basement. Much of this was without my consent, while I thought they were quietly playing so I could make dinner...sigh. Well, I decided to embrace the fun and yesterday we went all out...swimsuits, inner tubes, flip flops and beach towels. We took turns jumping into the water (the yoga mat) and had a grand time.
Matt's dad's (7 hr!) surgery went well and if they had a bed for him on the ward, he'd be out of the ICU by now, so that's encouraging. The surgeons believe they got both the tumors out with the remainder of the pancreas and now it's just time to recover, adjust to his new life as a diabetic and stay cancer-free! We're passing the time during Matt's absence slowly...but things are going really well! We're hunkered down at home and all in all, having a really great time. Sweet friends have delivered a few groceries and necessities and stopped by to chat, and tomorrow (shhh, don't tell the girls!) we're meeting friends at an indoor pool for some open swim time. That will be a highlight of our week for sure.

We've also been doing a little preschool here and there. Elizabeth has started spelling Ruby's name so I cut out the letters in play dough and she figured out how to arrange them with only verbal
prompts from me about what direction the letters went. She's a smart cookie!


Elissa said...

You are such a good mom!!!! Albeit a bit delusional-- "I thought they were playing quietly while I made dinner." We call that the witching hour at our house, and we only have one kid!!!

Sharms said...

Yes, delusional indeed. I kinda knew that something could be up, but I also knew the sissors, glue and paint were out of reach, and at that moment, quiet dinner prep was meeting my soul needs so I decided to wait to view whatever they were up to until after I'd had my "fix" of alone time. I hadn't even considered nudist beach parties...

Hollie said...

So funny!