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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're off to see the wizard!

Okay, maybe not the wizard, and this time we're not even heading toward Kansas, but we're pretty excited to visit Cincinnati Children's Hospital to be seen in their Turner Syndrome Clinic tomorrow by a regional specialist! We've been planning on this for over a year now and the timing is really perfect since we've had more questions come up in the interim months since we made our appointment. Mainly, we're hoping to pick Dr. B's brain to find out what of Elizabeth's medical complications are Turner related. We'd love to have a bit more of a road map as to where we might be heading with her care and are looking forward to getting feedback as to some specific therapies that could help maximize Elizabeth's strengths and mitigate some of her weaknesses. Personally, I'm super excited at the possibility of meeting someone with Turner's Syndrome in person...maybe in the waiting room?? I don't know what to expect, but we have high hopes.
So this afternoon we'll pack ourselves into the car for our 2nd road trip in as many weeks and visit 4 states, three of which I've never set foot in...Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Would you join us in praying for a safe trip, a pleasant drive for the girls (and their parents), a peaceful, grace-filled visit with Dr. B and realistic expectations? This past weekend, a nasty GI bug landed Elizabeth back in the hospital for 2 nights for IV fluids and while she's mostly recovered, she's still a little stressed about more procedures, so I'm not certain how it will go tomorrow when we visit a hospital and a crew of doctors she's never seen. Please pray that God would guard her heart and give Matt and I discernment as to how to best help her process the day.
These pictures are of the girls after Elizabeth got home (Ruby's wearing a shirt that I wore as a toddler). We've had some beautiful fall weather and the girls can't get enough of the leaves!


Jen said...

we're praying!

Hollie said...

Praying for a wonderful trip. That is a great shirt!