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Friday, March 20, 2009

Hope and healing

We've been waiting for spring around here. It's cold one day, warm the next and besides the trouble that creates in wardrobe selection, it seriously messes with our minds! We keep hoping, knowing it's coming, but are disappointed each time winter rears its chilly head again.

When it comes to Elizabeth's health we are determined that "spring" is here to stay. She's doing so well. She is still eating well and maintaining her weight, (Praise God!) her therapies are paying off and she's gaining strength and dexterity. She and Ruby are pretty similar now in their physical abilities, and because their balance is about comparable (though Ruby is definitely stronger now) they enjoy the same kinds of play. I think I forgot to mention it, but we ended up having tubes placed in Elizabeth's ears at the same time she had her January endoscopy. That has been a tremendous success and we're thrilled with how wax-free and healthy those little ears are. We're hoping to take Elizabeth to a Turner Syndrome clinic this Spring or early Summer. We'd like to have her evaluated by someone who works with a high population of girls with Turner's and has a grasp of the whole picture. I frequently feel like I'm missing some information on how she ticks and would love any insight we can glean about her overall health as well as development.

On a sweet note, for the first time this week Elizabeth was able to tell us when she didn't feel well. She started feeling crummy around lunch time and told me so, saying, "I don't feel well. I'm sick." Sure enough she took a 2.5 hour nap and was feverish when I woke her up. She ended up spiking at 104 and we were praying for it to be a simple virus. (Sadly we couldn't even give her Tylenol or Motrin because of her liver and bleeding issues, so the poor dear had to sweat it out.) I asked her if she wanted to pray that God would heal her, and she said yes, and immediately squinted her eyes and prayed, "Dear Jesus, Heal me. Make me whole." and some other things I didn't understand. Then she looked up and said, "I'm healed." We put her to bed that night, still feverish, and when she woke up the next morning, the first words out of her mouth were, "I feel better!" Sure enough, no fevers all day, and no snot for the first time in weeks! She truly was healed!

In light of Grandpa Harms' cancer and Elizabeth's health, I frequently ask God to give me more faith to not only believe He CAN heal, but that he's GOING to heal. I certainly don't have it all worked out yet, but it's really encouraging to watch Elizabeth's childlike faith...the kind of faith I'm supposed to have, in action. I believe Lord, Help my unbelief.

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svea said...

brought tears to my eyes, what a precious little sweetheart you have , make that two.

Jen said...

yes, and amen, sara. we love you guys!

Elissa said...

That made me cry too! Lily bows her head and says something that sounds like and old black preacher saying, "Lord, Lord" ("Lawd, Lawd"). Not quite as eloquent as EJ but cute nonetheless.

I too struggle with the "He can but He probably won't" thing. I will pray that He shows us both how to really believe He WILL.

That's great that you get to go to the Turner's clinic. Seeing a specialist for me made a WORLD of difference. I hope you get lots of missing puzzle pieces.

Love you guys,

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I just emailed you on the TS list, but then I had to check out your blog. Just beautiful! We have found the most wonderful TS clinic and care. More details in email.. you can email me back through my blogger profile, I think!