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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Princess Parties, Pit Bulls & Playgrounds, Oh My!

February is the month for hearts and tutus and princess parties! It's months like these when I'm really glad I have girls. All my dress up dreams come true and we can wear tights and "panty shoes" (fancy shoes) and crowns any time we want. There are 5 families in our little group of friends. The gals meet for bible study, the men meet for bible study, the families do breakfast together once a month and the kids (10 under age 4) just have a ball together. Emily (in the pink dress) threw a "Kingdom of Love" party and we all (I do mean all) dressed up as princesses and knights. Elizabeth was looking forward to going since I told her about it. Every day she asked to "go to the Valentines Party and wear a princess dress and a crown". We did a dry run over the weekend and let them play in some dress up clothes our OT brought over when she heard we were going to this party. Ruby can say "tutu" now and when she puts one on, we think she looks like one of the hippos doing ballet from fantasia...he he he. I just think a tutu makes household chores so much more fun!

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After our princess Party, I had put the girls down for their quiet times and gone back to the car to finish unloading when I heard a woman screaming for help in the alley behind our house. She was being attacked by pit bulls that had escaped their yards to attack her dog! I called 911, and after another neighbor got the dogs to retreat, stayed with her until the police & EMTs came.

When the girls woke up from their quiet times, we went to the park. At the end of our time there, Elizabeth fell about 2 feet to the ground off of a cement structure and landed on her back in the wood chips. She seemed okay and after a few tears played for a bit longer before heading for the car. On our way there, she seemed dizzy, and lethargic and as soon as I buckled her in, she got white as a sheet, started babbling a bit and falling asleep! My first thought was that she'd ruptured her XL spleen and after running it by Matt, we decided to be safe and head for the ER at Children's. Fortunately, after the work-up in the ER proved she was okay, she began to perk up a bit and we were discharged in just under 2 hours. We stopped by the cafeteria for ice cream and headed home where we crashed from all the adrenaline from the day! See what happens when we leave our house??

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