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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Endoscopy tomorrow

We're taking Elizabeth in for a regularly scheduled endoscopy tomorrow
morning to check out her varices. (to review, last winter they were the
most severe, Grade 4, then this summer they'd improved to Grade 3) We
had an ultrasound on Tuesday that went off without a hitch. Everything
appears to be stable and when we had to get a blood draw afterward,
she was a champ. Even though she handn't eaten in 16 hours, she was calm

and didn't cry for one single minute! She actually told the
phlebotomist which arm to stick, counted down and then asked for a
bandaid and a she'll want a bike and a kitty! :)
Afterwards, we went to the hospital cafeteria for an "ice cream with
Daddy date." It's our new ritual and I believe it kept her from
totally freaking out the whole morning...she was so focused on the

Unfortunately, she's been acting a little strange. That, coupled with
some abnormal lab results, has us concerned. We're in conference with
the on-call Gastrointerologist and really need wisdom and discernment
about what to do. We've almost made it through the entire fall without
a hospitalization...only a few weeks left. We'd really like to stay
home with a healthy Elizabeth tonight.

We'll keep you posted.

Here's a photo of Elizabeth celebrating Dora the Explorer's 3rd Birthday.

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