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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon went to the pumpkin patch at Eckert's Farm in Illinois. It was a gorgeous fall day and we had a fantastic time watching the "pumkin lobber" shoot pumpkins into the orchard, cheering at the pig races, "go Hamma Montana!", feasting on corn dogs, pulled pork and fresh apple cider and taking a tractor ride through the apple orchards to pick out pumpkins. (actually, don't tell the girls, but we left the pumkins in the field and picked out small ones on our way out.)

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liz.mccarthy said...

Oh My! How gorgeous (and big) Elizabeth and Ruby have become! What 2 beautiful girls you have! I can't believe Ruby is already so big! Wow, how time flies!

Nice to catch up with you via blog!