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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The fun doesn't end

We're having a glorious time...Elizabeth has eaten a Thin Mint (I guess everyone loves girlscout cookies), Ruby is trying her best to sit up and charm everyone within reach, and we're all soaking up the family time. Monday is the big day, so we'd appreciate your prayers for Elizabeth's endoscopy.



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susan kehler said...

Dearest Sara...your girls are beautiful, and obviously quite bright (I looked at all the all the videos). I found this blog when Svea sent me a link on youtube so I could hear you sing again. You're still the incredibly beautiful and lovely Sara I knew and loved at CHS not so very long ago. I always knew God would bless you as a mother. Someday I would love to see you all. Hug Matt...I knew he was the right one.
Blessings from Mama K

RenderingRisch said...

I guess NO ONE can say no to a girlscout cookie! So glad to see you all are having a good time :)

jen said...

love the BEAUTIFUL photos! hugs to uncle ric and aunt suzie too! we're praying.

jen and joe