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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Elizabeth Archives - December 2006

Thanksgiving & Beyond: Email Update Sent December 5, 2006

Hi friends and family,

When holidays roll around, it's difficult to let them pass without remembering where we were a year ago. This Thanksgiving was no different and let's just say it was infinitely better than last year, when our family took shifts visiting Elizabeth and I in her 4x6 cubicle in the ICU and Matt was on call

Our little butterball has lived up to her name and as of her last weigh in, she is in the 90th percentile for weight for height...that means she's one chubby baby!! **comparatively, only 3 months ago, she wasn't even ON the charts** We are praising God!

We're continuing to compress her feeds with pretty good success and this morning she puked for the first time in 3 or 4 days! (you know it's good when I've lost count) For those of you who have specifically prayed for her puking...thank you! We believe it's having an effect. She has completely eliminated her puke in the middle of the night, and the early morning one as well. We're saving money on laundry again and she's thriving with all the nutrition she's receiving.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving in Clovis and Elizabeth enjoyed the beautiful fall weather in the Central Valley. We took LOTS of walks with Granna, met some local farm animals, watched football with Papa, and learned that the slide is her new favorite activity.

Thank you for holding our family up in prayer. We're so grateful for each and everyone of you. Because of your prayers, we really are doing well.

Thanks so much!
Sara (for all of us)

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