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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Success in Saint Louis - June 07

Email Update Sent June 7, 2007:
Hi Everyone,
Our trip to Saint Louis was successful on every account. For the first time, I laid eyes on the city which will be our home for the next few years, and we found an amazing townhouse in a great location for a great price. Elizabeth had a heavenly time with Granna, and I think Granna was in heaven herself. Thank you for praying.

In other good news, Elizabeth is wrapping up all her visits with her specialists this month, and so far she's doing great. Her Immunologist and Hematologist have said we can wait to get settle before getting her set up with those specialists there, and her endocrinologist is thrilled that she's maintaining her growth curve on the regular (not Turner adjusted) growth charts, so we don't need to discuss hormone shots (a daily injection) for the time being. Of course we're really thankful not to have to "go there" yet.

We'll be busy graduating packing and moving for the next few weeks so if you can, don't forget to stop by our apartment to say goodbye on the 23rd.
Thanks again,
Sara (for all of us)

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