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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Pregnancy Update

Dear friends and family,

Our prayers are being answered. Based on last week's ultrasound, we know our little one is growing! Though she still has a short femurs and humeri (signs of short stature - associated with Turner), overall, she is in the 66.7th percentile! At this news, my OB responded that she was "delighted with her growth! That's really good for a baby with Turner." I'm sure it can't hurt that her parents are a little above average for height. :)

She's still really active, which is an important signal to us that she's thriving. Since still birth is still a higher risk for babies with Turner, her daily kicks and twists, though beginning to feel a bit more like an alien in my belly, are extremely reassuring.

Next week we'll go in for a follow-up fetal echo (heart ultrasound). We continue to pray that her aorta is getting stronger and healthy and that the left side of her heart would grow to it's proper size. Thank you so much for your continued prayers, encouragement, and well-wishes. We are daily being blessed by our community of friends and family.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Sara (for all three of us)

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